Bitcoin has been created to return people their financial freedom and privacy. However present regulatory framework does not allow spending crypto without revealing your identity.

To solve this problem we are introducing a nominee service. With the help of this service you can use most advanced financial products anonymously.

We provide the nominees from within and outside the EU. Our main target is to meet our clients' needs in cryptofriendly debit cards setup, EMI and bank accounts.

What do we offer?

  • - private nominee service to embody your most audacious financial ideas
  • - instructions on using our products and services
  • - ready to work via escrow service of your choice
  • - client support 10.30 am - 6.00 pm UTC/GMT+3 hours
  • - dedicated nominee personally for you

Turnkey crypto financial solutions available:

  • - banks of EU - 1150 EUR per 1st year/950 EUR extension
  • - banks of Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Belarus, Russia - 950 EUR per 1st year/800 EUR extension
  • - EMI payment systems (most of them offering built-in crypto exchange) - 1050 EUR per 1st year/900 EUR extension
  • - crypto exchange accounts - 210 EUR per 1st year/115 EUR extension
  • - corporate EU (Poland) pack - 11900 EUR per 1st year/5900 EUR extension
  • - custom nominee services by request based on your custom requirements

Our business is built on trust. The feedback from our clients speaks for itself:

For details and further discussion:

  • - Telegram: @cards_service
  • - E-mail:
  • ( DEFUNCT from 10.02.2024)

Our PGP public key. Please use it to send us an encrypted message and verify our digital signature.

PCS has zero toleration policy for activities such money transmitting fraud, scam, terrorism financing, prohibited substances, weapons, child pornography trade.
PCS does not provide services to US citizens and US persons.